A half bag for type II fun

Sitting in a custom Sestrals Half Bag

Why do you go outdoors? Me, for fun. I bet you too.

Fun is subjective. More interestingly, fun is retrospective.

In 2009, alpinist Kelly Cordes popularized the Fun Scale. According to this, non-scientific, scale there are three types of fun:

  • Type I fun: You enjoy it while it’s happening.
  • Type II fun: You hate it while it’s happening, but you enjoy it in retrospect.
  • Type III fun: You hate it while it’s happening, and you also hate it in retrospect.

Most of the time, I have type I fun. I try to avoid type III fun, although shit happens. But a pinch of type II fun makes me feel alive.

Laying in a custom Sestrals Half Bag

A precarious bivouac is a good example of type II fun: it’s uncomfortable, it’s cold, and you don’t sleep at all. But believe me, it makes for great memories.

Alpinists are the masters of precarious bivouac, so much so that they’ve developed a specific sleeping bag: the half bag.

As the name suggests, a half bag, also known as pied d'elephant, is actually half a sleeping bag that only covers your legs. Paired with your insulated jacket, you'll be covered from head to toe. Less weight, less bulk, same warmth. Roughly.

Detail of a custom Sestrals Half Bag

Half bags are used by alpinists, fastpackers, and adventure racers. As a specialist tool, offer is quite limited.

This experimental Sestrals Half Bag, a custom project for an adventure bikepacker, is designed to make type II fun… funnier:

  • It’s longer than a typical half bag to dramatically increase your core warmth.
  • It features an innovative insulated sleeve to keep your hands cozy.
  • Climashield APEX synthetic insulation offers bombproof dependability.
  • An ITW Cyberian CL Cordlock is easy to operate with gloves, mittens, or numb fingers.

After finishing the project a crazy idea comes to my mind: would suspenders help keeping the half bag in place?


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