Signed, but not branded

Signed, but not branded

There are two kinds of animals: the free ones, and those which are owned.

You know that an animal has an owner because it’s marked. Livestock has been traditionally marked with fire-heated branding irons. Nowadays, paint marks are used to reduce the pain caused to the animals being branded.

But there are other, subtler, ways to mark animals. The collar of your dog. The RFID tag of your pet. The branding of your outdoor equipment.

You should own outdoor equipment. Not the other way round.

That's why Astucas equipment is not branded.

On the other hand, I want to sign my creations. Because I’m proud of them. Because I stay behind them. So you know I stay behind them. So you are proud of them.

Do you really want to be a walking ad? Do you really need to show off your equipment to people you don’t care? Or do you want to be a free animal? One that owns a masterpiece of equipment. One which has your name in a label that you can show to the people who really matters.

It’s your choice.


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