Are quilts lighter than sleeping bags?

Marco working on a Sestrals Quilt

Obviously, yes.

Quilts are lighter than sleeping bags because they have no insulation in the back, no hood, and no zip. Less material, less weight. Period.

Compare a 0 °C rated quilt and a 0 °C rated sleeping bag and you’ll easily find 500 g of difference.

Case closed. Order a Sestrals Quilt right now.

Marco working on a Sestrals Quilt

I have some spare time, so let’s do a mental exercise.

Imagine we live in a parallel universe. One in which people are critic. One in which things are not given by granted just because someone tells them to you.

Are quilts lighter than sleeping bags in such universe too?

Ultralight fanatics and manufacturers tend to make blatantly skewed comparisons. They compare quilts to sleeping bags with very different designs, fabrics and features. But what’s worse… With very different real, comfort temperature ratings.

I love to sleep in a quilt because:

  • I stay comfortable at a wider temperature range.
  • I can sleep in any position.
  • I have way more fun!

A thoughtfully designed quilt, a quilt that keeps you warm when you most need it, weights no less than a truly comparable sleeping bag.

Don’t be fooled. There are many reasons to choose a quilt over a sleeping bag. But weight should not be your driving factor.

Now, yes. Order a Sestrals Quilt to enjoy sleeping outdoors.


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