Does your clothing and equipment perfect fit you?

A custom-made Astucas mannequin.

You don't realize when you wear a perfect fitting garment because it simply works. On the other hand, a garment that doesn't fit is a pain in the neck: it’s always messing your trip up.

Developing a sizing system is not easy. You have to decide how many sizes to offer and the gap between sizes. But what’s more difficult, the relative proportions of a product.

I’ve used several references to refine the Astucas sizing system over time:

  • My own body.
  • Sewing mannequins.
  • 3D body scans of thousands of people.

From specific to generic. From home-made to cutting-edge technology. From cheap to expensive (each custom-made mannequin costs about 3,000 €)

Moving through these references allowed me to offer a better fit to more people.

But you know what? The only perfect fitting clothing and equipment that I own is the one designed with my body as a reference. No mannequins. No standard body sizes. No statistical models. Just my unique body.

This is why Astucas products are made-to-measure from now on. Designed and crafted to your unique body measurements for a perfect fitting experience.

Can you get by with a mass-market product? Probably. Not everyone do bold trips.


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