Slow & Ultralight

Marco, exhausted, taking a break in the snow.

The world moves fast: fast food, fast fashion, fast delivery…

And the outdoors is no exception: trail running, fastpacking, speed climbing…

I’m a strong advocate of ultralight backpacking because weight kills comfort. I also understand that weight kills speed. But what’s the point of going fast when you’re in the outdoors?

I used to not understand the Fast & Light motto.

Until I became dad of triplets. All of a sudden, I had no free time to go outdoors. In fact, I had no free time at all.

As I started to have some free time, I wanted to make the most of it. Going faster made all sense: do more in less time.

I’m an advocate of Fast & Light now? Definitely, no.

The biggest pitfall of Fast & Light is its focus in going fast.

Everything is designed and fine-tuned to go fast. Even your mind: there is no time to enjoy that view; there is no chance to explore that detour.

Your trip ends up as a blurry memory shared on Strava.

What’s worse, Fast & Light fails when you’re forced to go slow, or even stop. Facing challenging terrain, a sudden weather change or an injury can easily turn into a bad experience.

Going fast has many advantages. But get ready to go slow.

Welcome to the Slow & Ultralight approach.


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