Why wear wind trousers?

Marco wearing a pair of Millaris Trousers at Ibón de Acherito

I dream of moving in the mountains as fast and as gracefully as goats.

But just like goats, I don't go fast all the time. Sometimes because I can't. Sometimes because I don't want to.

That’s why I don’t like the Fast & Light fad. That’s why I prefer the Slow & Ultralight approach. Because it also works when you have, or want, to go slow.

Wearing running shorts allows me to move fast. I find them more comfortable than tights or trousers for actual running or intense uphill trails.

However, they’re not so comfortable when I’m crossing a sharp ridge in high winds. Or when I’m summiting a 3000 m peak where temps are notably colder. Or when I just stop to enjoy the views.

Packed size of a pair of Millaris Trousers

When I go slow, I wear a pair of wind trousers over my running shorts. My Millaris Trousers weight a scant of 58 g in size M. They pack so small that I can toss them inside my running belt, along with a wind jacket, a pair of gloves and a soft bottle. And they increase my comfort and safety levels so much, that it’s a no-brainer to take them.

This is how Slow & Ultralight beats Fast & Light.



“The Millaris pants are beyond amazing. I ordered them on a whim because I wanted to see if I could get away with eliminating a bottom layer from my set-up, and they have exceeded my expectations in almost every way. They are lighter than I dared to hope, pack down to almost nothing at all, and the warmth they provide means that even in freezing temperatures I can get away with wearing nothing but shorts and windpants. They are in short a really versatile piece that I've used way more than I thought I would, even during the winter season.”

Hrólfur Vilhjálmsson (Iceland)

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