3 lessons from a customer

Marco showing up a Sestrals Poncho.


Thank you again for rushing the build of the poncho for me. It was 'the talk of the town' (an English saying) at Goriz! It kept me very warm whilst we watched the sun set and during the night. I'm very pleased with it!

We had a great time in the Pyrenees! The scenery was beautiful and the weather was perfect for exploration! I really enjoyed the two 'faja' routes you recommended. We weren't able to go to the summit of Monte Perdido as our Spanish friends were too tired, but we shall return again to reach the summit!”

Martyn Lathbury (UK)

This customer teaches us 3 lessons:

  • The Pyrenees are a first-class destination.
  • Outstanding equipment makes you stand out.
  • When you stand out you do outstanding things.

Marco showing up a Sestrals Poncho.

Life is short. Don't waste it using boring things. Don't waste it doing boring things.

Do yourself a favor. Don't buy another boring sleeping bag and check the Sestrals Poncho. Because life is shorter than we expect.


PS1. Yes, it looks like a wingsuit. No, it doesn't work as a wingsuit. Yes, many times while in a summit I've wished it worked as a wingsuit.

PS2. Last week we lost Álex Villar. He raised the bar of wingsuit flights in the Pyrenees. His flight through Arco de Piedrafita is a masterpiece. Fly high my friend!

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