Out of the comfort zone

Marco by a campfire.

You don’t have to go to Alaska for adventure. Adventure starts where your comfort zone ends, so you can find it at your local mountains.

The recipe is quite simple: change something.

Here’s an example of a quick overnighter. The change: no shelter, no sleeping bag and no food.

The plan was quite simple: hike into the mountains, fish and sleep. So I grabbed a small backpack and tossed my tenkara fly fishing kit, a fire starter, a headlamp, a synthetic insulated jacket and a torso inflatable mat. Remember, no shelter, no sleeping bag and no food.

I hiked a few kilometers along a nice trail until I reached a mountain creek before sunset.

I assembled my fly-fishing rod and managed to catch a couple of trouts. I dug a pit in the sand and lit a small campfire to grill the trouts.

Grilling a couple of trouts.

As the cold of the night filled the valley, I put my synthetic insulated jacket on and fell asleep contemplating the Milky Way.

During the night I missed a pair of insulated trousers.

Marco sleeping, wearing just and insulated jacket.

The alarm clock rang before sunrise, so I was at home for breakfast.


Quite happy.


PS. I’m in love with synthetic insulated garments for this kind of trips. They keep you warm even in shitty conditions. And you don’t have to take much care of them.

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