Stupid bivouac mistakes

Marco bivouacking with a down quilt.

I love to bivouac.

Without a tent.

But I've made a lot of stupid mistakes:

  • I've said goodbye to my maps and titanium pot while sleeping in a ridge. Thanks, howling winds.
  • I've soaked my quilt. Thanks, rain drift and morning dew.
  • I've been bitten by a hungry cloud of mosquitoes. Thanks, Norway.

If you use a down quilt some of these mistakes are even bigger. Or dangerous, during a multi-day trip.

Bivouacking at Valles Occidentales with a tarp.

I solved all of those mistakes by simply using a bivy sack.

  • A bivy sack helps to keep your gear organized and under control.
  • A bivy sack offers an additional layer of protection against snow, rain and dew.
  • A bivy sack is a fortress against mosquitoes and bugs.

Marco bivouacking at Ordesa Valley with a Millaris Bivy Sack.

Weighing just 185 g (in size M) and packing as small as an apple, the Millaris Bivy Sack is a staple in my bivouac kit.

Bivouacking is fun. And you'll improve your camping skills. I encourage you to give it a shot this summer.


PS. By no means use a waterproof bivy sack. They're a condensation nightmare and rather uncomfortable in bad weather. They're only suitable for type II and type III fun.

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