Cold dreams

Marco cooking inside his mid in bad weather.

I spend a lot of time dreaming about my next trip. The bigger the trip, the bigger the dreams. But sometimes, dreams turn into nightmares.

Many of my bad experiences come from being cold. And suffering from Raynaud syndrome, numb fingers and toes can happen even in summer.

When I take a look at my gear lists from several years ago, they look great. I carried a light insulated jacket, a merino wool beanie, a pair of gloves and dedicated sleeping socks. A standard ultralight warm layer.

Marco adjusting his mid guylines.

But quite often, I was uncomfortable at camp.

I tried a heavier jacket, an insulated balaclava and even down socks. With no results.

What was the problem? I was overlooking my legs.

Legs are mostly muscles and don't have vital organs. Thus, are more forgiving than your torso. But you can't overlook them.

Marco breaking camp during a blizzard.

Adding a pair of insulated trousers is a game changer:

  • They boost your quilt temperature rating, so you can use a truly lighter one.
  • You can spend more time doing camp chores. Or simply enjoying camp time.
  • They can save your butt if you are forced to move slowly.

My Sestrals Trousers UL are a staple in my camping setup now.

So I can continue dreaming about my next trip, and not worrying about being cold at camp.


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