Ditch your rain trousers

Marco jumping over a creek.

I don't like rain trousers.

Almost all rain trousers in the market are uncomfortable, too heavy and overly loaded with “features”.

Most of the time, I can get by without rain trousers or just using wind trousers.

Believe me, if you move fast it's way more comfortable to deal with rain than to suffer sweaty legs.

But there are a few exceptions:

  • When temperatures are around freezing.
  • When I'm out for 3 or more days.
  • When race rules state they're mandatory.

In these situations I carry a pair of ultralight, ultra-compact, ultra minimalist rain trousers.

Something that gets unnoticed in my backpack until weather turns awry. Something with no zippers to mess with. Something that just keeps me warm.

Marco during a trip in snowy conditions.

Since I experimented the waterproof breathable Dyneema® Composite Fabric several years ago, the Acher Trousers are my go-to rain trousers.

And they're favored by thru-hikers and hardcore hikers too:

“In Iceland, I’d have no condensation at all. This was shocking but obviously welcome, I could wear the pants all day through and be comfortable beyond the odd looks. I spent whole days in them just to avoid the painful take-off/put-on series. The main drawback was how odd I looked on the pics.
The Acher pants may be my best new love affaire after a long divorce.” Inaki Diaz aka Viajar a pie (Spain)

Ditch your rain trousers. But if you need them, get a pair you can fall in love with.


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