Why I go outdoors?

Marco contemplating the views during a trail running session.

Life is too short to live on autopilot mode.

Wondering why you really do something is a good exercise. It allows you to stop doing chores you dislike and, what’s more important, to focus on the things you enjoy.

I love to go outdoors, and I guess you too. Knowing the “why”, it’s easier to find free time, beat laziness and overcome bad weather.

My “why” has changed over time. I used to go outdoors because:

  • I wanted to get rid of my overweight. I hated my body. Not only aesthetically, but also functionally. Moving in the mountains was a great way to get in shape. What’s more, to discover what a regular guy can achieve out there.
  • I wanted to take stunning photos. Ansel Adams, Galen Rowell and Art Wolfe were some of my heroes. I carried tons of equipment and spent endless hours awaiting the perfect light.
  • I wanted to stay alone. Going outdoors was a nice way to disconnect from noise and reconnect with myself.

Marco, Rubén and Joseba in their way to Tendeñera peak.

Currently I go outdoors because:

  • I want to be healthy. The older you get, the more important is to stay active. I can’t dream of a better gym than living in the Pyrenees.
  • I want to discover new places. And this not necessarily mean traveling abroad. There are endless new trails to hike and peaks to summit in my backyard.
  • I want to reconnect with friends. Time spend in the outdoors is more intense, specially when things don’t go as expected.

Marco making coffee and staying cozy in his Sestrals Poncho.

Take a break and discover your “why”.


PS1. I would love to know your “why”.

PS2. Customers never cease to surprise me. Camping in style while enjoying a glass of wine is one of my favorites. Thanks, John!

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