Camping made easy

Marco making coffee and staying cozy in his Sestrals Poncho.

Are you absolutely sure that camping is not for you?

Reaching a nice place, pitching your tent, and having a nice meal while contemplating a breathtaking sunset over the mountains.

Sounds nice, right? So what stops you to live that experience? What really stops you?

Tarp camping at Cañón de Añisclo.

Let me guess:

  • You're afraid of bad weather.
  • You're afraid of cold.
  • You're afraid of a huge and heavy backpack.

We try to overcome our fears with equipment.

So we think we need a bombproof tent, a -20 °C sleeping bag, 3 sets of clean clothes, the whole kitchen sink, a camping chair…

Take all that equipment, and you'll be hauling a backpack that easily weights 15 kg. Not fun at all.

Marco making coffee and staying cozy in his Foratata Quilt.

So what's the key to a successful overnighter? Keeping it simple.

Summer is the best time to try camping because weather is more stable and night temps are mild.

You can use a bivy sack instead of a tent. It's way lighter and simpler to use. Take advantage of good weather forecast and carry a simple tarp just in case it rains.

You can use a quilt instead of a sleeping bag. It's more comfortable, versatile and fun.

You can have a warm meal and coffee using as little as a pot, a spoon and a small gas stove. My cooking set weights less than 400 g, including a full gas canister.

Believe me. Less equipment usually means more fun.

Take action and plan your first overnighter right now. I'm really looking forward to hearing about it.


PS1. Don't go too far simplifying your kit. Otherwise, you'll make stupid mistakes.

PS2. Yes. The down quilt in the last photo is our rare Foratata Quilt.

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