Ready for autumn?

Marco hiking in the solitude of Ordesa Valley.

Summer is great for peak bagging, never-ending day trips, and experimenting with super ultralight backpacking. But summer is over.

For most people, the beginning of autumn marks the end of the hiking season. But hiking in autumn is a mind-blowing experience:

  • There is a color explosion in the forest.
  • The first snowfall of the season surprises you.
  • If you want, you can find solitude.

For me, it's the best time to go outdoors. And you should enjoy it too.

Marco setting up his camp in a foggy day.

Despite all the good, autumn is a challenging season. You should be ready for rainy days, colder nights and damp everything.

Hiking in autumn calls for new and improved skills, including:

  • Navigating in low visibility.
  • Staying dry(ish) in the rain all day long.
  • Pitching your shelter in bad weather.

In addition, proper equipment choices make your life at trail easier. I mostly use synthetic insulation because it's more forgiving and robust. If you're considering a synthetic quilt or garment, this is the best time of the year to try one. It's a real insurance when things don't go as expected.

Marco defrosting his trail running shoes.

Autumn is a wonderful time to go outdoors. But start small. A day hike with some rain. Then an overnighter in good weather. Then add some rain in the forecast. Then… just keep going outdoors.


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