Stay wild

This summer, I've been fortunate to spend a bunch of time outdoors with my family. Being a father of three-year-old triplets, everything has revolved around mini-activities. So the desire to return to the mountains was great.

Marco's sons (Jorge, Víctor and Leyre) in the mountains.

Taking the autumn equinox as an excuse, I planned a day trip in the fantastic surroundings of Balneario de Panticosa. But my lack of physical fitness is not forgiving. After about 1000 meters of elevation gain, my legs felt too heavy. I stopped to rest and enjoy the scenery. Almost complete solitude.

I decided it didn't make sense to continue, so I changed my plans.

I approached a mountain lake (which we call ibón here) and took a naked, icy plunge. The feeling of being reconnected with nature was worth much more than finishing the planned route.

Marco about to take an icy dip.

After warming up in the sun, I started the descent with renewed energy. First, a more technical section through boulders. Then, a comfortable trail that allowed me to run. And as a grand finale, a sandwich and a beer at Casa de Piedra refuge.

A beer and a sandwich at Casa de Piedra refuge.

Back to the mountains. Back to the wild side.

Unfortunately, things went wild in Astucas as well. Thus, I am really grateful for your patience while I catch up. There are some great things in the making, so your support is essential to me now.


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