Buying time

"Buying books would be a good thing if one could also buy the time to read them."

As the German philosopher Arthur Schopenhauer advices, if you are not going to read a book, don't buy it.

This also applies to outdoor equipment.

Marco by the Acherito Lake.

As I'm writing this I feel guilty.

I'm looking at a Kevlar cord, a Beal Escaper and a Grivel Scream plate that remains unused. But I'm also looking at the already covered in snow ridges that I planned to fast-cross this summer.

I bought the equipment, but I didn't manage to buy the time to use it.

Marco hiking on fresh snow across Ordesa Valley.

Instead of not buying new equipment, a better advice is to buy equipment that also buys time:

  • Buy a slightly bigger backpack, instead of a fancy tiny backpack, because you don't have to overthink which items fit.
  • Buy synthetic insulated garments, instead of down insulated ones, because you won't stay at home in foul weather.
  • Buy a poncho, instead of a sleeping bag, because you'll sleep comfortably at a wider temperature range.

Marco wearing a Sestrals Poncho in Ordesa Valley.

The best outdoor equipment isn't the lighter one. Not the newest one. Not the coolest one.

The best outdoor equipment is the one which allows you to go outdoors more often.


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