The ready-to-go pack

Be honest, how much time do you waste before a trip pondering which equipment to carry? Let me answer: too much.

You have to fine tune your equipment for a thru-hike, a technical traverse or if you’re attempting to break a FKT. But for a simple hike, the more time you spend preparing it, the less time you spend outdoors.

Marco's ready-to-go day pack gear spread.

Don't be obsessed with going ultralight, but with going out in (almost) any situation.

That’s why it’s so important to have a ready-to-go pack: a pack that contains a kit that allows you to go outdoors as quickly as possible, with confidence.

Marco hiking with his ready-to-go pack.

Here is my ready-to-go day pack.

This kit is so versatile that I can go outdoors all year round. I can face wind, rain and cold with a decent amount of comfort. I can go hiking, biking, trail running and scrambling.

Some rationale:

  • I use a pack that I can run with, but hard-wearing enough to move in alpine terrain and, if necessary, attach an ice axe and carry a cord. That’s why I don’t use a running vest.
  • For a day pack there is little difference between carrying 1 kg or 2 kg. Thus, I prefer to carry a solid clothing system.
  • I don’t use poles all the time, but come in handy during steep ascents and in snow. Thus, I use a pair of collapsible trail running poles. They're heavier than single piece poles, but disappear in the pack when not in use.

Ready for a bike and scrambling adventure.

Having a ready-to-go pack saves you hours of overthinking, and encourages you to simply grab it and go outdoors.

Do you already have a ready-to-go pack?


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