Why Black Friday?

In previous years, we haven't had Black Friday at Astucas. This year, after much consideration, I believe that we should. Let me explain the reasons.

The easy answer is that many of you have requested it, and that's true. But it's not the only reason.

Marco at Astucas studio with a Sestrals Quilt.

Black Friday is often seen as an event of impulsive and unnecessary shopping. However, it can also be an occasion for responsible shopping, an event where both parties win.

By offering significant discounts, we make it possible for more people to access premium, sustainable, and locally crafted products.

Those who can afford these products at their regular price can support small businesses like Astucas by not participating in Black Friday.

Marco at Astucas studio with a storage sack.

Black Friday also helps us, a lot.

We need to sell more to continue creating innovative products. To continue investing in sustainable materials and processes (such as PFC-free fabrics, organic cotton, and carbon-neutral shipping). And to grow so that our small workshop in the Pyrenees contributes to local economic development.

Marco at Astucas studio with a Millaris Bivy Sack Duo.

Our profit margins are much smaller than those of big brands. Offering these discounts is a significant effort for us. But we want to help you in supporting a brand with values.

Whether it's Black Friday or not. The choice is yours.


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