Millaris Bivy Sack

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Millaris Bivy Sack

Protects you and your sleeping bag

Sleeping under the stars is an amazing experience. You are in close contact with Nature while your sleeping bag keeps you warm. However, wind, frost or rain can ruin this experience.

The Astucas Millaris Bivy Sack greatly improves your bivouac experience:

  • Provides additional warm by minimizing the wind chill effect.
  • Protects your sleeping bag against dew, condensation and rain splash under a tarp shelter.
  • Keeps your sleeping bag and mattress clean.

A true multipurpose piece of gear

A great way to lighten up your backpack is by using multipurpose gear. The Astucas Millaris Bivy Sack excels in this area:

  • Increases the temperature rating of your sleeping bag, allowing you to carry a lighter one.
  • Replaces a ground cloth, simplifying your kit.
  • Offers full bug protection.
  • Can be used alone in warmer climates.
Camping on the snow with the Millaris Bivy Sack

Keeps your sleeping bag clean and dry, naturally

The schoeller® fabric with ecorepel® finish provides a very high level of water and dirt repellence, without reducing fabric breathability.

  • Water and mud repellent.
  • Ecological: biodegradable and free from fluorocarbons (PFC).
  • Wash permanent and abrasion resistant: finish last more than 30 washing cycles at 40°C.

Aesthetic design. Functional details.

The Millaris Bivy Sack was designed with beauty, simplicity of use and minimal weight in mind:

  • Two hood styles: all mesh for maximum breathability and mesh window for an optimal protection-breathability compromise.
  • 3/4 length, inverted U shape, YKK zip for easy entry and exit from both sides. Dual zip cursors increases ventilation options.
  • Bathtub waterproof bottom for maximum protection. Elastic corner loops help keep the bivy sack in place.
  • Overhead tension system to increase air flow and space around your head. Adjustable from the inside of the bivy sack.
  • Footbox hang loop to increase air flow.
Tarp camping with the Millaris Bivy Sack

Size guide

SizeSleeping bag lengthBivy sack length
XS166 - 175185
S176 - 185195
M186 - 195205
L196 - 205215
XL206 - 215225
XXL216 - 225235

Values in centimeters. If in doubt, size up.

Tarp camping with the Millaris Bivy Sack

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